About US

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to normalize mental health, challenge diet culture and encourage people to utilize therapy. Clothing is a great platform to do that on.

Meet Jen

Hi! I'm Jen. Paradigm Shift Clothing is my brain child, but I have an amazingly supportive partner who is a co-creater and mental health advocate.

I have not met a single person that has not been impacted by mental illness in some capacity and yet as a mental health provider I have worked with countless folks that felt like they were completely alone. They felt like they were the only ones struggling or needing to ask for help.

Feeling of alone in mental health struggles often creates a sense of failure in some way, when in reality what they are going through is completely normal.

Despite the growing awareness around mental health, so many folks still feel isolated and broken. I want to help change that on a larger scale than individual work.

Simply having conversations about mental health and diet culture can lead to huge changes in how we view mental illness, including eating disorders, as a society and my hope is that Paradigm Shift Clothing can help facilitate those conversations. If we can help one person know they aren't alone in their struggle then we have succeeded.

Meet Michael

Hello. My name is Michael and I’m co-creater of Paradigm Shift Clothing. I too am an integrative mental health therapist, treating folks struggling with eating disorders, anxiety and obsessive and compulsive disorders.

Life this far has taught me that as human beings we may experience intense emotions such as abandonment, anxiousness and worthlessness. Often times, when we feel this way we feel alone and disconnected from others. These emotions along with the challenges of our day-to-day lives has an impact on our daily functioning and our relationships with others. The good news is that we’re not alone in these experiences, and countless other humans have felt this way too.

I’ve been a mental health professional for almost a decade and I know how powerful human connection is. When you know that there’s another human being who acknowledges what you’re going through and has empathy for your experiences, you can begin to heal. This is what I try to accomplish in my sessions with all my clients however, I know that many people are still do not feel seen.

I am passionate about raising mental health awareness and bringing light to our ability to affect change in our lives through our thoughts and actions. This raising of mental health awareness is why Jennifer and I started Paradigm Shift Clothing. Our clothing can make a statement about who we are, and it can also make a statement about what we care about.

Making a difference

A big part of our mission is to simply help normalize asking for help when someone is struggling with their mental health, but we want to do more. We donate 10% of our proceeds to organizations that support folks struggling with mental illness. Normalizing therapy is great, but helping folks get access to it is important to.