Shifting the paradigm one shirt at a time.

It is time to shift the paradigm around mental health, diet culture, and getting support through therapy. Something a simple as a t-shirt or sweater can be the tool to do just that.

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T-shirts are a classic staple to any closet. 



Stay cozy while helping to normalize mental health and therapy. 

Accessories and extras

Accessories and extras like a cute notebook or fun sticker are the... 

Why awareness matters

Nearly everyone will be impacted by mental illness, whether directly or through someone the know and love and yet many people still feel like they are alone. Normalizing mental health and therapy could help more folks seek treatment and get the support hey need.

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  • 1 in 5

    That is the number of adults in the US that are living with mental illness and there may be more who haven't spoken up about it.

  • 46%

    Out of those who have a mental health diagnosis only 46% of them received treatment.

    Less than half are getting help.

  • 30 million

    Americans are impacted by an eating disorder and they have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses.

Community matters

We are grateful for our friends and family directly in our community, but we are also grateful to welcome you to our community. We want you to know that regardless of if you are wearing one of our shirts you are welcome. Tag us on social media so that we can welcome you!

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